The Next Big Step


I’ve had a 30 year love affair with Mt. Rainier. When I left you yesterday, I’d just begun my journey, clear of my goal, sure of my choices. With each mile of our 11 day journey, as each day dawned and I was closer to my Seattle home, my anticipation grew. Seeing the evergreen forests, smelling the fresh Northwest air, and yes, finally seeing “My Mountain”, as I’ve come to call it, my emotions welled and drew me on. Yes, this was exactly where I needed to be, for sure.

I have learned to follow my gut. Many times in life I resisted, and many times I found myself in a place I didn’t want to be. Oh the places I’ve been and the experiences I’ve had when I listened to my gut. It’s become easier each time, to the point that I rarely question what my gut is telling me.

I had developed a very clear vision of what my life in Seattle would be. There were three main goals: a home with a view (why else live here?), a wonderful relationship with a man who ‘got’ me, and a thriving business where I was helping others. I’d love to be able to describe how I came to this vision, but I’m not sure I can. It was a process. A long one of deciding what was important to me, the direction I wanted my life to go, and the elements that were non-negotiable. I was reflecting on my journey on the first anniversary of my departure from D.C. and was amazed to realize that I’d achieved all three goals! It was a stunning moment; one I’ll never forget. This is what drives my work. As I’ve told others, I’m not super human, I don’t feel extraordinary. I just knew that I didn’t want to waste my life, that I had a calling and just had to discover what that was. I started simply by trusting my gut and seeing where it led me. And, oh, what a place I’m at now! I honestly wake up happy every day, with little stress, eager to see what each day brings. Sure, the entrepreneur road is not an easy one, but it’s one of your own choosing and that’s the most wonderful place to be!


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