Making Concessions

Those early months were relatively easy. I had enough work to keep me busy, solvent and moving forward. But I took it easy, by design. I wanted to get reacquainted with the city. I also made a commitment to the family I was living with that I would help. With three growing young children, there was much to do. So I spent the summer and early Fall completely engaged in all of these endeavors. As time passed though, I started to focus on where I would live. While I was welcome and loved living with friends, it was time to have my own place. My home, my ‘nest’, has always been my salve. I must have a place of my own where I can be alone with my thoughts. And simply living with friends was only an intermediate solution anyway.

As I started to look for my new home, buying was the goal. I’d always owned my house and appreciate the security that provides. But, mortgage lenders don’t jump at the chance to make loans to self-employed individuals, especially those who have only been at it a while. A mortgage broker I knew advised me to just get a job long enough to get the mortgage. This felt just a bit too deceptive to me on two fronts. It was deceptive to the lender and to the employer I might “use” just to have a job. No, this was not going to be my approach.

I’d made a nice profit on my home in D.C., so thought perhaps I could find a home that was in the budget of the profit. Well, among the many things that had changed in Seattle, home prices was certainly at the top! Nothing suitable could be purchased with the amount I had. Right about this time, serendipity entered again. I received a call from out of the blue from an organization who I’d interviewed with nearly a year before. I’d been one of two finalists and they had gone with the other choice. Well, that person had left, so I was asked if I would be interested in the position. I was thrilled! It was a position I had very much wanted and answered a lot of questions I had at the time. Yes, it meant not fully applying myself to my business, but as you’ll learn if you ever become an entrepreneur, it takes time and you have to make choices. You may have heard the term side hustle. It’s what many entrepreneurs have to do as they get started. I took the position and looked forward to building my business on the side as I worked full time. Then, it happened! I found the perfect place to live, and because I did now have a job, I could get the mortgage! Yes, life was continuing to lay itself out for me… long as I listened.


(A view of the water near my home)

I stayed at the job for nearly a year before another opportunity was presented to me, and I’ll go into that more in a later blog. For now, just think about a few things: 1) be open to what is presented to you 2) be patient, it WILL happen and 3) keep your eye on the prize, recognize there will be bumps and delays along the way.



2 thoughts on “Making Concessions

  1. Carol Sue Sorber says:

    Loving the blog, Andrea! Please keep it up. I am inspired by your brave journey and look forward to hearing more!


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