Give Yourself Permission to Ask for Help

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As a New Englander, I think I’m genetically predisposed to being independent. On top of that, my parents instilled it in me. As a result, I am the ultimate independent woman. Asking for help just isn’t in my DNA. So, when I embarked on this solopreneuer journey, the thought of asking for help never occurred to me. I was fortunate to have some good and trusted friends along with me who were happy to help, but that was the extent of it.

Several years later, I was doing fine with my business, but knew I should accelerate things. I had maxed out the natural skills and knowledge within myself. So, against every fiber of my being, and yet following what I knew to be the best route, I invested in my future by seeking out a coach. After all, I am a coach, and I believe in coaches and their ability to see what we can’t see, ask us the good probing questions, and help us make the progress we so dearly desire.

I interviewed several recommended coaches and their clients, greatly impressed by them all! I ultimately settled on the best one for me at the time. This is an important consideration when hiring someone to work with. All the coaches were skilled and very good at what they do. What it came down to was what each person offered and what I needed at the immediate time. I expect to work with the others later, down the road when I’m at a different point. But for my first foray, for my immediate goals, I selected the coach that I felt would be the best match. It became clear immediately, that I had chosen well! In just the first meeting, my eyes were open to new ways of working, new insights, and new possibilities. I am quickly seeing the impact of teaming with someone else on this journey.

I’m glad I gave myself permission to ask for help. It’s making a world of difference, and honestly, it’s great to have someone along on the ride with me. After all, that’s what I do with my clients. Many are stuck when they come to me. I guide them out of that state, into a new world of opportunities, optimism, hope and yes, results! There is a saying going around these days – Winners have Coaches. Yes, I am a winner and yes, I have a coach! Do you?



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