It’s true. Being an entrepreneur involves many long days of work, which I never mind. After all, every single minute of time I spend working is for my business. No longer do I work long days at someone else’s request or to build someone else’s bank account. No, everything I do is done for me and my clients. It’s that simple!

But, along with those long hours comes freedom. Freedom to choose when you work. Take yesterday. It was a gorgeous, 80 degree day here in Seattle. When it’s sunny here, we are all hard-pressed to stay inside. After all, it could be 60 and raining the next day. So, as I sat in my office at home, I decided to make a change of scenery. It was low tide, which always beckons me to take a walk, but I stuck to my guns, and my work. Instead of taking a break from work, I took a break from my office, moving it outside to my front deck where I could enjoy the sun, low tide, and all the marine and human life going on. It was the perfect solution! This is something I never could have done working a ‘regular’ job in an office somewhere.

13331050_10208580415843597_2640142263652205700_n (2)

Then, in late afternoon, having a rare open calendar, I decided it was time for a break, and went kayaking in Elliott Bay. I have to admit, it still feels like I’m playing hookie. It takes time to get used to playing in the afternoon. But, I know I’ll be happy enough to spend an hour on work in the evening, or on weekends. That’s the freedom of self-employment!


I got even more decadent and decided to stop in at the restaurant next to the kayak shop for a beer and enjoy the opportunity to spend just a little more time relaxing in the sun. It was fun to watch the water taxi arrive from the city, bringing with it commuters returning home, realizing that I’m one of them many days, but not today.

So, for all the blood, sweat, and tears that you pour into your business, remember to take the time to celebrate what you’ve accomplished. You’ve worked hard to build your business. Stop and smell the roses and bask in your success once in a while.



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