Entrepreneurs Prone for Depression?


You would think that anyone following their dreams and running their own business would be happy, yes? One of the most common statements I hear from entrepreneurs is how lonely it can be at times. I feel I’m lucky in this regard because my work involves LOTS of interpersonal interaction. And, I’ve got a great support group around me, so I never feel lonely. I do, however, have occasional moments when it all feels too much. I can’t explain it anymore than that. Just an overwhelming jolt of being at a loss. It passes quickly, but I recognize how someone could get wrapped up in this emotion.

I read this article today and thought it was worth sharing since many people out there might benefit from it. If you’re considering entrepreneurship as your next career move, be aware of the struggles that accompany the joy. Knowing they are there and preparing for them, will help you muscle through those bad moments, and keep your dream alive, being grateful for the live you’ve carved out for yourself.

Have a read HERE.


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