Andrea brings a wide scope of knowledge and experience from both industry and education.  With more than 20 years in the software industry, non-profit management, public sector and business enterprise consulting services, she has had a robust corporate career. However, three years ago, something drew her away from that. Part of it was a strong awakening that she needed to return to Seattle. Part of it was seeking an alternate career path. Long unsettled within the corporate world, Andrea ventured out on her journey to self-employment.

She is now an award-winning career coach, with her own coaching and consulting business. She has worked with hundreds of individuals, coaching them through the process of finding happiness and success in their career. Andrea cares deeply about each individual and their dreams.  Her focus on women entrepreneurship grew out of a desire to help other women create their own path to entrepreneurship. More and more, women are seeking a way out of a corporate world that doesn’t appear as welcoming as it once was. Read more of Andrea’s story HERE.

In addition to working with individuals one on one, she worked with a major outplacement firm during the 2014 Microsoft layoffs, coaching impacted employees to successful landings at new jobs.  She has deep knowledge of the Seattle business community, and high tech in particular. 

She earned a masters’ degree in Human and Organizational Learning from the George Washington University in Washington, DC and a bachelors’ degree in Business Administration/Accounting from the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. Cole is a certified Results Trained Coach, certified through the Neuroleadership Institute.

Andrea is a member of Pacific Northwest ODN, the Seattle Chamber of Commerce, founder of WIAL-USA Seattle Chapter, Director of Chapter Development for WIAL-USA, and member at large of WIAL International.

She lives in the Seattle area and enjoys hiking, kayaking, volunteering, quilting, and taking in all the area has to offer.

How to contact Andrea:  Andrea Cole Consulting, Seattle, WA.

andrea@colecoach.com | 240.401.2673 | http://www.colecoach.com